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Welcome To My Ideal Caravan  

atlantic caravans

I have finished the Quick layout finder for 2012.. it will take a bit longer to update the Caravan layout finder link... Sorry about the delay on the layout finder, I will get to it soon. 

If you have found this site usefull, please donate a small amount(or a large amount) this will help me get motivated to add more stuff... Thanks, Darren

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My Ideal caravan gives you the opportunity to find your ideal caravan layout.

 There are hundreds of different caravan layouts all designed for different reasons. It is sometimes difficult to know which will be the best configuration for a certain situation.  My Ideal Caravan will address common questions and provide information that will lead to the best caravan layout for your needs.

"What does he know?" I hear you cry....... Well, I have been in the caravan industry for 20 years, first in a caravan workshop then in a large dealership selling 400 caravans a year, selling Bailey, Elddis, Coachman, Fleetwood and Adria. I have recently branched out on my own and now have my own caravan dealership in Cornwall selling caravan accessories, Swift and pre owned caravans. www.atlanticcaravans.co.uk

There are many things to consider when looking for a caravan layout. Time and money can be saved with the correct layout selection. Hopefully, it should be a bit less confusing on that first trip to the dealer, or caravan exhibition.

The site is also a helpful resource for those who know what they are looking for. Go through the process ignoring all the information, at the end you will see the models that each manufacturer produces in the layout required, saving time and energy at a dealer or caravan exhibition.
 Talking of which, the dates are out for the NEC show, visit the web site and order you tickets today.....

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Tel:01579 321041 or Mail darren@atlanticcaravans.co.uk

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