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CRiS stands for, Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme.
 The scheme was set up in 1992 by HPI and the National Caravan Council and aimed to get a database of all the owners of caravans produced,and record any change
 of ownership.
 This was to combat theft and enable a potential purchaser to check the history of a caravan.
A CRiS check will show if a caravan has been registered stolen, has finance against it or has been written off.
 The Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is a 17 digit number which is etched onto all of the caravan windows and stamped onto the chassis.
 It comprises of a set of letters and numbers which identify the country of origin, the manufacturer, the number of axles and the year.
The year is one of the most important features of the VIN as 
this often can  come
 into dispute.
 1992 until 2000 the year is represented as follows;
1992= N          2001=1
1993= P          2002=2
1994= R          2003=3
1995= S          2004=4
1996= T          2005=5
1997= V          2006=6       
1998= W         2007=7
1999= X          2008=8
2000= Y          2009=9
 This will be the 10th figure in the 17 digit VIN reading left to right.
In 2010 the numbers reverted back to letters starting with 2010= A
Proof of ownership
The CRIS desk will ask for the current owner details, this will confirm that the current owner has registered the caravan in their name. It is not a legal requirement to register a caravan in the current owners name, but it is advisable.
 A check can reveal if the caravan is stolen. These vehicles remain the property of the individual or organisation from whom they were taken.
 Never purchase a caravan that has been registered stolen, you will stand to loose it together with the money you paid for it.
  A caravan with finance against it, it remains the property of the finance company.
If a caravan is purchase privately, be careful to insure that the remaining balance is paid to the finance company. They have the power to recoup their assets if payments are missed, regardless if a payment to the previous owner has been made.
 This is a term used by an insurer that has been declared a total loss following accident damage or theft.
 There are four levels of write-off A, B, C and D.
A and B must never reappear on the road again, C may be reinstated after work being carried out and an independent check completed by an NCC approved workshop.
Category D is cosmetic and does not need to be tested. CRIS won't mention if a category D is present when a change of ownership occurs.

For a check call 01722411430 or visit www.hpicheck.com/caravans.html  Cost £14.95