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Glossary, Suppliers

Alde. http://www.alde.co.uk/
Alde produce wet heating systems for high spec caravans

Al-KO http://www.al-ko.co.uk/
The largest manufacturer of caravan chassis, used by most uk manufactures with the exception of Elddis. Produced in Germany and assembled at the manufactures premises

BPW. http://www.bpw.co.uk/
 The second manufacturer of caravan chassis, again made in Germany

 Produced the Cascade range of water heaters through out the 1990's. During the same period used Truma's space heaters such as the SB 1800 and the trumatic range.
One of the first companies to go into the caravan mover market. Brought out by Truma

Gross train weight, this is the maximum allowable combined weight of the vehicle and the caravan, set by the vehicle manufacturer.

 Some times referred to as Ex works weight, this is a vehicle's weight with 90% full fule tank and all its fluids required to run. 68Kgs for a driver and 7Kgs for luggage. This figure is used to calculate a tow car match

Total permissible braked trailer weight.
 This is set by the tow vehicle manufacturer and is the maximum fully laden weight of anything being towed by that vehicle, that has its own independent braking system.
This is a legal limit that should not be exceeded

 Mass in running order, this is the vehicles weight as it leaves the factory, sometimes referred to as unladen weight.

 Maximum Technically permissible laden mass. The maximum weight that the caravan combined with its accessories and personal payload can be, as stated by the chassis manufacturer. This figure can be found on a plate next to the caravan door

Nose Weight
 This is the weight applied to the vehicle's tow ball by the tow hitch of the caravan stated by the caravan manufacturer. The car will have a tow ball limit, which is the maximum weight that can be applied to the tow vehicle's ball, this is set by the manufacturer. The lower of the two is the maximum you are permitted. It needs to be 4% of the weight of the trailer or 25Kgs,  whichever is the higher figure.

 This is the figure allowed for personal effects. It can be worked out by subtracting the MIRO from the MTPLM. Remember, that any accessories added to the caravan such as a motor mover or an air con unit will reduce the amount of payload available for personal belongings.

 This is a device that prevents excessive, unwanted movement or "snaking" of the caravan.
 The most popular device is the Alko AKS 3004.