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1) L.P.G stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas
2) L.P.G is heavier than air Air = 1.0 Propane =1.5 Butane =2.0 This means that if released to the atmosphere both propane and butane will collect at low level. This is why it is important to insure that adequate drop holes are present, so the gas can escape, and prevent build up.
3) Small concentrations of L.P.G Propane between 2% and 11% Butane between 1.9% and 8.6% by volume ,in air will provide a flammable mixture.
4) NEVER search for a gas leak with a naked flame,you never know how much gas is present!!
5) L.P.G has a higher Calorific value than natural gas Natrural Gas - 1000 B.T.U's/ Cubic foot Propane 2500 B.T.U's/ Cubic foot Butane 3200 B.T.U's/ Cubic foot. B.T.U Means British Thermal Unit. The calorific value of a flue is defined as "The amount of heat realised when a known quantify of flue is burned".
6) L.P.G is extremely searching,Butane and propane have a low viscosity which means they flow with ease.They will find any break in the system, this is why an annual gas check is important.
7) L.P.G in its natural state has no smell,A stenching agent called Ethyl Mercaptan is added to enable detection by smell.
8) L.P.G boils at a low temperature, like water at 100 degrees, L.P.G boils. Butane boils at -10 degrees C 14 degrees F Propane at -42 degrees C 44 degrees F
 L.P.G draws heat from the cylinder walls to aid vaporisation. As long as the outside air remains above the boiling point of the gas, then gas will be produced. This is why at the beginning, and the end of the season butane will not be as effective as propane. 
9) L.P.G changes from a liquid to a gas when gas vapour is drawn out of the cylinder,dropping the pressure inside the cylinder.The gas boils using the heat from the air surrounding the bottle (this is why you should never wrap the cylinder with material, as free circulation of air in required) producing more vapour, the pressure goes up and the boiling action stops.
The pressure inside the bottle ranges from 2 bar to 9 bar, the higher the temperature outside the bottle, the higher the pressure inside the bottle. At 15 degrees C the pressure will be at 7 bar.


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