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Single or Twin Axle?
This is probably the first question to ask. Due to the choise of tow vehicle, this  question may not need a great deal of thought, see my section on towing limits for more information.

Twin Axle, Negatives...
 Even if a tow vehicle is capable of towing a twin axle it still may not be an ideal choice. The first issue with a twin axle is manoeuvrability. A twin axle caravan is not as easy to manoeuvre onto a pitch or driveway as a single axle, due to there being two points of contact on the road on each side of the caravan. This can be over come to some degree with the addition of a motor mover.
 Units are avalible which can assist the process of manoeuving, hitching up and parking of the caravan in a drive way. Weight and manoeuvrability can be over come with a suitable tow vehicle and a motor mover.
 However, due to the size of a twin axle, storage can also be a problem. Some storage areas will charge by the foot, so there could be an added cost to owning a twin axle. It also has to be said that touring around Europe can be an issue as some French caravan sites will not allow twin axles, so a little extra preparation may be needed to ensure a pitch for the night.
 The cost of a twin axle will be higher due to the additional materials used in its manufacturer. Allow an additional £1000- £1500 to the cost above a single axle caravan

 Less Manoeuvrable
 The French

Positives of a twin axle...
Space is the main positive of a twin axle caravan. There will be less of a compromise to be made when trying to find the ideal layout. It is possible to have a fixed bed, large wash room and good living space.
 Touring with a twin axle can be easier due to being less reliant on an awning to provide a living space.
 Twin axle caravans provide more room for everything needed when on holiday, this is particularly useful when away for long periods of time.
 Stability is also improved as a twin axle caravan has two points of contact on the road. This means a twin axle caravan is less prone to snaking on the motorway.


 Seasonal Use
 If the caravan is on on a Seasonal pitch then most of the issues that affect a decision may be void, as the caravan will not be towed or manoeuvred


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