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Drain down

 It is extremely important to drain down your caravan at the end of the season as it will prevent frost damage to the pipe work and appliances. There are a few different types of water heater depending on your caravan’s age. As a guide, pre 2000 will more than likely be a Carver Cascade MK 2.

The Cascade MK2 will have a large square flue housing on the outside of the caravan, with the drain down valve situated in the lower left hand corner. To drain down the cascade, remove this plastic threaded bung. On newer models there will be a quick drain down valve at the top left of the flue housing, turn this 90 degrees and leave open. Do not replace the drain down bung as this will damage the non-return valve situated behind it. On newer caravans, there will be a Truma Ultrastore. This has a yellow drain down valve situated next to the hot water tank. Flip this 90 degrees to the vertical position and leave. This will drain the water from the hot water tank.

Open all the taps to allow free movement of any water left in the system. Place the shower head as low as possible to remove water from the shower tube. The cassette toilet will also need to be drained down, older models will have a drain down tube situated just inside the cassette door. Newer models have a small rubber bung, which once removed, will drain down the flush holding tank. A container can be used to catch the last bit of water from the tank to stop it going inside the toilet housing (design fault!)


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