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Handover Procedure

Water System
 Insure an aqua roll is located in the correct position and the water pump/ inlet hose is submerged in the water.
Check the water heater drain down valve is in the closed position and check that all the taps are shut , including the washroom ( this will only need to be done if the caravan has been drained for the winter).
 Open the hot tap in the kitchen and turn on the pump switch. Water will now pass through the water heater up to the tap. If the caravan has been drained down air will pass through the tap until the water heater has filled, then a steady stream of water will appear.
 When a steady flow of water appears, turn the tap off. If the caravan has a pressure switch system, the pump will run for up to ten seconds, then stop. With a micro switch system the pump will stop immediately.
 Now the water system is primed, the water heater can now be switched on.( see Water Heaters for operation).
The water heater will take up to 30 minutes the reach full temperature. See water systems for more detail.
Space Heaters
 Please see the space heater page for operation.

 Please see the refrigerator section for operation
240v System
  The orange 240v cable plugs into the on site socket then into the caravan socket which is normally situated in the battery box.
The 240v then goes to a consumer unit. This can be located in a number of positions in the caravan.
With the cable plugged in and the consumer unit switch on , the 240v system will operate. This will supply mains to the space heater, water heater refrigerator, transformer and the sockets.
For detailed operation see 240v System.
 Insure there is water in the flush tank and the toilet has been primed with the correct chemicals.
 For more information see Toilets
Chassis/ running gear
 Please see Chassis for details
Gas System
There are two main types of gas available for a caravan, Propane and Butane.
The main difference is that Propane has a lower freezing point. This is important when using a caravan in low temperatures. Butane will stare to freeze at 4 degrees where Propane will go to temperatures of -32 degrees.
Insure the cylinder is located and secured in the correct position in the front locker (the side locker in some cases). With caravans produced in 2005 onwards the regulator is fitted to the caravan and a high pressure hose is used to connect the cylinder to the regulator. Ensure this is always kept in good condition. On older systems the regulator will attach directly to the cylinder.
 With the cylinder attached and located in the correct position and the bottle can be turned on.
 The gas system will supply the oven and hob, space heater, water heater and refrigerator.
 The system may need to be primed, to do this open one of the hob taps and try to light. When all the air has been purged the flame will light.
 See space heaterWater heaters and
refrigerators  for gas operation.