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Manufactures   atlantic caravans

 There are countless manufactures of caravans around the world, each producing caravans for their own market. The UK has several manufactures operating in the UK, some manufactures produce their caravans in the UK, some import from Europe.
 UK Manufactures. (In alphabeticle order)
Bailey caravans are produced in Bristol and currently have have four levels of specication.
 Entry level is the Ranger, then the Ranger GT 60, the Olympus and the Pegasus is top of the range.
 Coachman are made in Hull and have four ranges of caravan, the Amara, Pastiche, VIP and the Lazer
Elddis are produced in Consett, Co Durham and have three levels of specification. These are the Avante Club, Odyssey and the crusader. As well as these they have two ranges that are marketed separately, the Xplore, which is an entry level caravan range, and the Buccaneer, which is placed above the Crusader.
Lunar are produced in Preston and have six ranges of caravan, The Ariva, Quazar which are the same specification, the Stellar and the Lexon again the same spec and the  Clubman/ Delta. There are three levels of specification, the extra model names are down to size. The Ariva and Stella are small two berths, the Delta range is a twin axle.
 Swift have three ranges of caravan. Swift, Sterling and Sprite.
Swift and Sterling have three levels of specification in the ranges. Charisma/ Europa, Challenger/ Eccles and the Conqueror/Elite.
 Each level in Swift and Sterling range are the same specification and price. The only difference between the two is 
upholstery, interior woodwork colour and exterior graphics. The Sprite is Swift's group entry level caravan.
 European Caravan Manufactures
  There are several European manufactures operating in the UK but not in great numbers. Adria are perhaps
the biggest, and the only one with a good dealer network.
 Adria are made in Solivina and have the Altea, Adora and the Adiva. (I have left out the Action as unit sales are not huge.)

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