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“To shower or not to shower, that is the question"

Reasons not to have a shower 
 If, most of the time the caravan will be on a site with good facilities, then it would be a shame not to use them. If this is the case, then the caravan layout may not need a dedicated shower cubicle, which will free up space for use in other ways.
 In a single axle caravan, where space is a premium, not having a shower cubicle may give a choice between more models, and layouts.
 All UK caravans have the ability to provide a shower. This is achieved by what is called a "wet room". A tap will convert into a shower head and there will be a shower curtain/screen to protect most of the washroom.
Another issue with showering in the caravan is access to water.
There will be a 40 or 50 litre water tank on the out side of the caravan.
 For anything more than a couple of showers this requires "someone" to make frequent trips across the field to get water. Some caravans, normally twin axle, will have an onboard water tank which could alleviate the problem. The water will drain into a waste water container, requiring "someone" to make more trips across the field with the Waste master.
The hot water tank holds 10 litres of water and will only go so far before it runs out.
  Families with children may find a trip to the shower block easer; however this is my opinion and can be ignored!
 The above issue can be overcome if a super pitch is used, this can provide water directly to the caravan and waste water directly into a drain.

Reasons For shower

 If, most of the caravanning will be in a field without facilities for any length of time, a shower becomes a useful addition to the caravan and the trips to the tap a small price to pay to be clean.
  Or if you really don't want to use the block, then a shower it is...


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