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Water Systems

Once the water pump has been connected to the caravan and the pump/ hose is in the water container, the system is can then be turned on.
 The first thing to check is that the water heater drain down valve is closed. There are two main types, newer caravans will have the Truma Ultrastore. This has a yellow valve situated next to the water heater. This has to be in the horizontal position to be closed.
 Older caravans will have a Carver Cascade MK2 which has a plug in the bottom left hand corner which has to be in place. There can also be a quick drain valve in the top left hand corner which has to be closed.
 With the drain down valve closed, insure the taps in the washroom are closed and the kitchen hot tap is open. Switch the pump switch on and the pump will start to run. The hot tap will start to run then it will start to vent air. This will continue until the water heater fills up and a steady stream of water will come from the tap. Open all the taps in turn to remove any air in the rest of the system. With the air removed and the taps closed the pump should stop running.
 If the system is operated with a pressure switch the pump should run for no more than 7-10 seconds. If it continues see my section an adjusting a pressure switch. If the caravan has a microswitch system, the pump will stop as soon as the tap is closed.
 Water Heater
 A clear flow of water from the hot tap will indicate that the water heater is full. The water heaters 240v switch can then be switch on. This will heat the water to 70 degrees with in twenty minutes. The water heater can be left on as it has a thermostat, however turning it off at night may be a good idea to save energy as it will still be warm in the morning only taking a short time to re-heat.
 If 240v is not available the gas system can be used. The Truma Ultrastore has a dial which needs to be turned to the picture of the gas flame .The heater will not light when the flue cowl is in position, so this has to be removed before being switched on.  A green light will come on indicating the system is operational.  If the light goes red after 10 seconds this indicates that the flame has failed. Wait for a few seconds and try again.
 The older Cascade MK2 heater works in the same way as the Ultraheat. The 240 is switched on in the same way, the gas system has a button to press on the control panel or a switch to slide down on older models. There is no cowl to remove.
 Water Pumps
 There are two types of water pumps, submersible and self priming.
The submersible water pump is the most common, this is placed into the water container or on board water tank and works by a centrifugal force created by a rotating spindle, moving the water directly from the water container up to the taps.
To get a greater water pressure for a better shower an on board self priming pump is used. This works by using diaphragms in pump housing, this will suck the water from the container, through the pump and up to the taps.
Both pumps can be damaged by frost so have to be drained down in the winter months. To do this see Drain Down
 Onboard Water Tanks
Some models of caravan will have onboard water tanks, these will normally be filled from the aqua roll, either by means of an exterior pump switch or a system of control valves (Senator Series 6). There are too many systems to go through, see manufactures instructions for details.



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